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Modernize Your Home with a Metal Roof in Dublin, OH

Metal roofing has been showing up on homes all across the country. Traditional wood and asphalt shingles have worked to protect homes for decades, but new advancements in metal roof materials and coatings have caused many to make the switch. If you are looking for a way to improve the value, lifespan and energy efficiency of your home in Dublin, OH, consider a step toward modernization with a metal roof.

Types of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs can be made from a variety of materials, all of which provide similar benefits. Most residential metal roofs are made of steel or aluminum, however copper, zinc, and titanium are sometimes used. The metal is covered with either a galvanized (zinc) or Galvalume (aluminum and zinc) coating and is then covered with a zinc-phosphate treatment. This treatment protects the metal from oxidation to prevent rust. Additional paint coatings can be added for more protection and style preferences.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

No matter what material is used, metal is often superior to traditional shingle roofing for many reasons. Maybe you’re concerned with the lifespan of your roof or keeping maintenance costs down. Maybe you want to know how your roof and its installation impact the environment. Metal roofs offer many advanced benefits that make them a smart choice.

Longer Lifespan

A metal roof could last you longer than traditional shingles. In fact, the average lifespan of a metal roof is 50 years or more. You won’t have to worry about common shingle issues such as cracking, peeling, warping and flaking. Depending on the metal and coatings you choose, metal roofs can be resistant to corrosion, meaning fewer chances for unexpected leaks.

Low Maintenance

Because metal roofs are so durable, they require much less maintenance than traditional roofs. The endurance and flexibility of metal roofs make it difficult for changing environmental conditions to negatively impact the quality of the roof. Regular inspections are recommended to determine if repairs are required, but usually the results of these inspections will be positive.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is far more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional roofing. Most metal roof materials are made from at least 56% recycled materials. By getting a metal roof you can minimize your carbon footprint, help the environment, and lower your energy bills.

Special coatings that reflect radiant heat prevent the house from overheating, reducing attic temperatures and cutting energy costs by up to 20%.

The elasticity of metal roofs often increases the lifespan of the building itself. Combined with the longevity of the metal roof, this does a great deal to add to the overall sustainability.

Resistant to the Elements

No matter where you live, certain conditions are unavoidable. In Dublin, OH, weather patterns can be varied and unpredictable. Luckily, metal roofs can protect you from them all. High speed winds up to 120 miles per hour are no match for a durable metal roof. Hail and other large impacts will often leave a metal roof unchanged. The fire-proof nature of metal roofs means your house will be safe from falling embers. The highly resistant nature of metal roofs is what gives them such a long lifespan and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

Style Options

Metal roofing can be altered to fit with a variety of looks. The shape of metal roofing tiles can be molded into practically anything. If you like the appearance of traditional shingles but want the added protection of metal, you can get metal shingles. These are ideal for homes with many ridges and small details. Metal tiles are a nice choice for homeowners wanting to try something a little more modern. Vertical paneling gives a streamlined look to buildings with long, slowly slanting roofs. You can view some of your metal roofing options in our online gallery.

Choose a custom color to fit the aesthetics of your Dublin, OH home. Choose from subtle neutrals or vibrant tints to make your home stand out. You can also choose to leave your metal roofing with its natural color. Metal roofing is a great way to modernize the look of your home, but it has many protective benefits as well. For a long-lasting, durable, efficient solution to your roofing woes, choose a metal roof for your home. Make sure to use a trusted local contractor for proper installation and knowledge of roofing regulations in your region.

Able Roof is here for your and all your home exterior needs. When it comes to metal roofing we make sure to get it done right the first time. One of our Able Roof project managers will be available to you throughout the installation, and will inspect the roof to make sure it is done right. That means you have 100% reliability in our work, and we are so confident we provide a lifetime, transferable warranty. So you can live worry free. Not to mention, we are one of the only roofing contractors to cut the metal at your location. Invest in your home with custom metal roofing in Columbus.