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Modernize Your Home With Exterior Upgrades

The phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” typically does not apply to houses. Often, the exterior of a home is an accurate portrayal of its structural integrity. Stained siding, a dilapidated roof, and outdated windows are all signs of a home with potential problems. Exterior upgrades not only boost curb appeal and the value of your home – they can safeguard your house from common issues. Consider investing in these five exterior upgrades to bring your old home into the here and now.

1. Say Hello to New Siding

If your siding is an eyesore, an upgrade can dramatically improve your home’s look. Old siding can sport water damage, stubborn stains, and faded or peeling paint. New siding can immediately upgrade the aesthetic appeal of the home, as well as improve its protection against the elements. New siding comes in beautiful and durable materials such as vinyl, aluminum, cedar, or cultured stone. You can achieve virtually any look you want with a variety of paint, stain, and color choices. Replacing old siding can also prevent water leaks, wood damage, and other problems that can arise when your siding doesn’t work as intended.

2. Welcome Modern Windows

When was the last time your home got new windows? If you can’t remember, it might be time for an upgrade. Beautiful custom windows can bring your home into the 21st century in terms of appearance and functionality. Modern windows are extremely energy efficient, with insulated glass, double panes, Energy Star approval, and low-E glass to reflect UV light. Get the best windows for your home’s architecture by working with experienced professionals. You can improve the style of your home while enhancing its comfort and energy efficiency with window upgrades.

3. Refresh the Roof

New windowsIt is amazing what a new roof can do for your home. You can get away with shingle replacements here and there for several years, but after a while, you’ll get much more value and return on investment with roof replacement altogether. If your roof sports different-colored shingles from past repairs, bald spots, missing shingles, granules in your gutters, peeling or damaged shingles, or water leaks, it may be time for a replacement. A new roof can boost the value and appearance of your home instantly. Consider a metal roof for an even longer life span.

4. Love Your Landscape

Look at your landscape as part of the exterior of your home. The two should go hand in hand, complementing each other for the ultimate appeal from the curb. Work with a professional landscaper to plant the right flowers, shrubs, water features, and other elements for an eye-catching lawn. Upgrading your landscape can add appeal to your home and draw the right kind of attention around the neighborhood.

5. Add Charm to Your Chimney

Don’t underestimate the power of a stylish chimney. Optimize your chimney’s appearance with a brand-new façade or masonry updates. Choose from many different materials, including stucco, brick, and stone. Your chimney can make a bold statement with unique colors and materials or match the architecture and style of the rest of your home seamlessly. For professional exterior upgrades in Columbus, count on the contractors at Able Roofing.