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Metal Roofing in Grove City, Ohio

Metal Roofing Service in Grove City Ohio

At Able Roofing, we believe in the company cornerstones of superb customer service and high-quality installations. Since 1986, we’ve brought the citizens of Ohio the best in roofing, window installations, masonry, and much more. We’re proud to provide metal roofing in Grove City, OH, backed by our lifetime labor and material warranty.

Why You Need Metal Roofing

Metal RoofersMetal roofing is arguably the most energy efficient roofing option currently available. The metal reflects more sunlight than it absorbs – leading to a cooler home in the summertime. Metal roofs last an average of three to four times longer than other types of roofs, and they are built to withstand extreme weather. Our metal roofs can stay sturdy in 120-mph winds! The benefits of metal roofing don’t end there. Metal roofing is also:

  • Great during Ohio snowstorms. Metal roofing is excellent at shedding snow. We install the roofing panels over dense insulation to maintain high R-values. Snow melts quickly in the sun and slides right off the roof.
  • Fire-resistant. Unlike other roofing materials, a metal roof is naturally flame retardant. This gives you increased peace of mind and significantly limits damage in the event of a house fire.
  • Wonderful for curb appeal. Metal roofing modernizes your home and makes a positive statement in the neighborhood. With a variety of color choices, you can truly personalize your roof.
  • Lighter than other materials. Most metal roofs are only about 50 to 150 pounds per square. Compare this with 750-pound tiles or 900-pound concrete tile.
  • Easy to install. Metal roofing comes in multiple-shingle sections or wide panels. These are much faster to install than other types of materials.

If you aren’t convinced yet, keep in mind that Able Roofing offers the most competitive prices in the industry – and we give you a set start and finish date. You’ll know the price up front, with no hidden or last minute fees, and the exact date we’ll be finished with your new metal roof. We provide metal roofing services for residences and commercial businesses.

Metal Roofing Company in Grove City, OH

Able Roofing is Grove City’s Metal Roofing Company of Choice

Able Roofing is a Metal Roofing Company that genuinely cares about each customer, and we sit down with you one-on-one to discuss your job. As the leader in metal roof installation in Grove City, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and craftsmanship. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We care about the environment. We make our metal roofs largely out of recycled materials. This also makes our roofs about 30% lighter than traditional asphalt roofs.
  • Our roofs won’t rust. We use a special mixed metallic coating that retains your metal roof’s attractive shine and prevents rust formation.
  • We offer a variety of colors. You might imagine silver or gray when you hear “metal roof,” but why limit yourself? Able Roofing offers several different colors, including green, red, and tan. Browse our gallery for more options.
  • We stand by our work. We offer lifetime material and labor warranties, as well as transferable warranties. That means you can transfer the warranty to the next owners of your home.
  • We do our own work. You won’t find any third-party subcontractors at Able Roofing. Our friendly, trained professionals complete every project from beginning to end.
  • We don’t make you wait around. We complete full roofing jobs quickly and efficiently, with no lag time or workers standing around. We know you want to return to normal life as soon as possible and do our utmost to make it happen.
  • We don’t charge you for roof failures. If your metal roof fails sometime in the future, there’s no out-of-pocket expense for repairs. Ever.
  • We handle the paint job. We offer a lifetime finish warranty on all metal roofs to keep your roof looking as pristine as the day of installation. You’ll never have to paint or refinish your roof again.

Metal Roofing Review for Able RoofAble Roofing offers plenty of comprehensive financing options to pay for your new metal roof. You’ll make the initial cost of investment up several times over with the long life of metal roofing, our lifetime warranties, and your energy savings. Not only do we perform our services with the utmost care and respect for your property, but we also make sure to leave nothing behind. We provide a magnet sweep of your property before we go to ensure we didn’t drop any nails or other materials.

When it comes to clean, dependable, and top-quality metal roofing services in Grove City, OH, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that beats Able Roofing. Contact us today using our online form, or call (614) 444- 2253 for a free estimate.