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Looking Through the Eyes of Your Home

Eyes are the means by which we view the world around us. Arguably, windows are the eyes of your home – they provide you with the means of viewing the world outside even when you’re within the protective comfort of your home. What does a look through the eyes of your home tell you? If your windows are old, drafty or otherwise unattractive, the message may be an urgent one – it’s time for new windows.

How Can You Tell Your Home May Need Replacement Windows?

If eyes are truly the window to the soul, your home’s windows can communicate when it’s truly time for a refresher. Consider the following ways your windows might be telling you they need to be replaced:

install new windowsYour windows fog up. All jokes about your home’s eyes tearing up aside, excess condensation on your windows can indicate it’s time for a replacement. Whether the excess moisture is between the panes of your windows or collecting on the interior, this moisture is a bad sign that your windows are not sealing properly or may be the beginning of a more serious leak.

● Your windows are drafty. If you can feel cold or hot outside air seeping into your home, your windows are no longer energy efficient. Drafty windows release your air-conditioned or heated air to the outside environment while allowing exterior air to change the ambient temperature inside your home.

● Your windows are single-pane. Even without a noticeable leakage of hot or cold air, single-pane windows are not nearly as energy-efficient as newer, double-pane windows. Newer windows utilize a gas layer between the two panes to maximize the insulative barrier between your home and the elements.

● Your windows are warped or broken. You could potentially repair minor damage, such as broken hardware or missing weather-stripping. However, if the majority of your windows are beginning to deteriorate, replacement may be in order. Further, if your window sashes, panes, or frames are broken, replacement may prove more suitable and cost-effective than repeated repairs.

Your windows look worn. Wood casement windows can blister, peel, and even grow mold over time. Other windows may be susceptible to mold, mildew, and fading as the years go by. Just as humans need a makeover from time to time, windows need updating to keep your home looking fresh and well-kept.

● Windows won’t open or close. Windows painted or warped shut indicate structural issues with the window in addition to preventing you from enjoying one of the most important functions of your windows – ventilation. Windows that won’t close put you at risk for water leakage and loss of heated or cool air to the outdoors.

● Your windows are old. Even without any of the other above issues, if your windows are original to your older home, or if no one replaced them in the past two decades, it may be time to replace before more severe issues arise. Investigate the age of your windows and consider replacing if they’re more than twenty years old.

Your windows are the eyes to your home and can show you a great deal about your home and the world around you. Make sure your windows are in good shape so you can continue to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, indoors, for years to come. If you suspect your home is overdue for new windows, call Able Roof for a free estimate! We offer energy efficient windows in Columbus, Ohio that look great at a fair price.