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Keeping Your House Warm in the Winter

Keeping your house warm in the winter

Every homeowner in Columbus, Ohio contends with winter heating issues. The average home will eventually require some repairs to ensure it remains well insulated during the coldest months of the year, and the roof is one of the most vital structures when it comes to keeping your home comfortable all winter long.

Ignoring a problem with your roof at any point during the year can eventually lead to serious problems, including water damage from melting snow and ice, increased heating bills, and potentially expensive furnace repairs from your heating system overworking due to poor insulation. The following tips can help ensure your roof is ready to handle the difficult winter months.

Check your roof insulation

A properly insulated roof/attic space is essential for keeping your home warm during the winter. Gaps in insulation can cause water damage and other issues throughout periods of heavy winter precipitation. One of the best ways to check for insulation problems is to visually inspect the snow on top of your roof following a snowstorm. If you notice that some areas are wet and melted and others are not, this is a sure sign that your roof allows heat to escape. A properly insulated roof will have a completely level coating of snow on top of it.

Remove heavy snow

After a significant snowfall, it is wise to hire a professional snow removal service to take excess snow off your roof. This can help prevent ice dams from forming as the snow melts and refreezes in the sun. If you own a single-story home, a roof rake could be an affordable and functional investment that allows you to remove excess snow quickly and easily from your roof. Heavy snow left unaddressed may even cause a roof collapse depending on the weight of the snow, the structure of the roof, and the roof’s material.

Take advantage of sunlight

If your home has windows facing south, take advantage of this during colder weather and allow the sun to heat your home. Open curtains and blinds to let in daylight. This not only increases the interior temperature but also keeps your home’s furnace from overworking.

Replace old windows

The windows throughout your home play an important role in keeping your home insulated from cold weather. Take time during the summer or fall to inspect older windows. If you find any that cannot be repaired, it is worth arranging a professional window replacement before winter begins.

Check your furnace system

Your home’s furnace will work its hardest during the colder months, so take time before winter to have it inspected by a professional. If you determine any issues are present with your current furnace, it is wise to arrange a repair or replacement so you can be confident that your furnace is ready for cold weather.

Arrange a roof inspection

The average homeowner should not attempt roof repairs on their own, especially repairs to the home’s exterior. This is dangerous and often leads to more extensive damage. Trust a local roofer with solid credentials to conduct a roof inspection. They can identify any potential problems that can lead to heat loss during the winter and perform professional repair work so you can approach the winter with more confidence.

Invest in roof repairs

If your roofer determines any issues with your roof, do not risk waiting until spring to address them. The sooner you act and have your roof repaired, the more you will be able to rely on your roof during the winter. Some roof repairs are quite expensive but investing in them ahead of the cold weather and winter storms could save you substantially more money in the future.

Determine a cost-effective approach to protecting your home this winter

Roof repairs are some of the most expensive home repairs any homeowner will face but preparing for winter may entail several more repairs on top of addressing your roof. If you need to replace your windows, fix your furnace, and handle roof repairs to ensure your safety and comfort this winter, it is worth looking into the many financing options available.

Able Roof strives to make roof repairs and replacements affordable and reliable for every customer. If you are concerned about your home’s ability to stand up to the winter weather, we can help you determine which roofing services would be best for your situation. Contact Able Roof today to arrange an inspection so you can approach the winter with peace of mind.