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Insulation in Westerville, OH

Attic Insulation Westerville, OH

Everyone wants their home to be more efficient. The less energy you use, the lower your monthly costs. Insulation is an important part of making your home as efficient as possible. It controls heat loss (and gain) when installed in your attic, walls, and floor. Quality insulation will keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Replacing insulation can lead to cost reductions, too. Some homeowners have seen savings of 40% after installation. This is in addition to lowered condensation that reduces the chance of mold and other residual moisture damages.

Every Home Needs Insulation

As much as 70% of your energy bill comes from heating and cooling. Adding new insulation can result in hundreds (or thousands) of dollars saved annually. Other benefits of new insulation include:

  • More comfortable indoor temperatures, even in extremes (fewer hot or cold spots).
  • Less impact on the environment thanks to reduced energy costs.
  • Better fire resistance in some instances.
  • Less outside noise.

Insulation Choices

energystarThere isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for insulation. Manufacturers produce several types, each best suited to a different kind of application. When choosing a new insulation, it’s important to balance performance and cost to match your life.

Batts insulation are one of the most common types. They’re premade rolls of material specially designed to fit between standard stud spacing and floor joints. Batts can be very fast to install, but they require cutting and shaping to account for wires to remain safe.

Some people prefer, and we recommend, blown-in insulation. This type of insulation can be found in pellets or fiber strands. The material is dumped into open spaces using specialized equipment. Blown-in insulation is very easy to install and fills gaps or holes automatically. It’s also extremely fire resistant.

Another popular choice for insulation is spray foam installation instead. It begins as a liquid sprayed through a specialized nozzle to fit into any gaps or spaces, expands within seconds of being applied, and then hardens. Spray foam offers shorter installation times than other options.

Not sure which material suits you? No need to worry. At Able Roof, we have more than 30 years of experience with home construction products. We’re more than happy to consult with you about insulation types to find the right match for your home. Learn more about our blown-in attic insulation.

The Legalities of Insulation

There are regulations regarding the depth of insulation. An insulation company in Columbus, Ohio, should be familiar with local statures and recommendations. Able Roof experts always use the highest quality material for the best possible R-value.

We’re also trained in proper installation. We know all the restrictions, like how much space you should leave around wiring and other sensitive areas. The safety of your family might depend on a quality insulation job – so it should be done right the first time.

The Right Time to Insulate

If you’re in need of new insulation, don’t put it off until next year. The dropping temperatures can strain your old insulation in Westerville, OH, and surrounding areas. If it’s not performing as it should, you could be wasting a lot of money this holiday season, money that could go to presents and other end-of-the-year expenses. Each day you wait is costing you money.

Another reason it’s smart to get insulation done before winter: you might have to wait until spring if you put it off too long. Heavy snowfall and holiday hours might make it difficult to get insulation installed in the middle of winter.

In general, contractors are a lot less busy during fall. If you purchase new insulation now, chances are the job will be started and finished sooner. It’s also easier for companies to give more personalized service (even though we offer it every day!).

Central Ohio’s Best

You and your family deserve nothing but the best, so why settle for some other contractor? Able Roofing serves Westerville, Ohio has the experience and customer service to give you the best results possible. Your most valuable investment should mean contracting with Ohio’s best contracting service. We also provide:

  • One-day project completion on most jobs.
  • Financing options.
  • No hidden fees or last minute charges.
  • Exceptional value.
  • A flexible schedule for your insulation installation.
  • Lifetime, transferrable labor warranties.

Are you curious to see how much you could save with fresh attic insulation? Maybe your home is in need of other projects, too, like a roof replacement or new windows. Whatever your home needs, call (614) 444-2253 or schedule a free consultation. We promise big company results with personal attention to detail, every time.

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