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Insulation in Powell, OH

Powell Insulation Contractors

An important feature for improving your home’s energy efficiency is attic insulation. Insulation controls heat gain and loss by providing a barrier in your walls, ceiling, and roof. Insulation can prevent mold by reducing condensation in your home. In addition, quality insulation keeps your home cooler in warm weather and warmer when it’s cool outside, thus lowering your energy bills by as much as 40%.

Why You Should Insulate Before Winter

Snowfall in Ohio is pretty serious as well as what comes with it – plummeting temperatures and soaring energy costs. It’s best to get new insulation before winter for a few reasons.

All of us would like more money to spend on the people we love and the things we enjoy. Unfortunately, heating our homes is very expensive. With the addition of quality insulation to your home, you can begin saving money immediately – in time to save for the holidays.

It’s also more difficult to install insulation in the winter, which could potentially lead to higher costs. Excessive snowfall and holiday hours might even mean you have to wait until spring for proper insulation to be done. Fall isn’t as busy for contractors, however, so if you act before winter, you’ll have more flexible options and a quicker job.

Why Insulation Is Important

energystarHeating and cooling our homes accounts for the majority of energy we use. Reducing this amount of energy could lead to savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. New insulation in Powell, OH can also:

  • Reduce greenhouse emissions through energy savings.
  • Provide a more comfortable home environment in extreme temperatures.
  • Minimize outside noise.
  • Offer fire resistance.

Insulation Requirements

Special laws govern the types of insulation and their regulations. To stay within these legal boundaries, rely on a professional insulation company. Able Roof has served this region for more than 30 years, and we’re familiar with local requirements. Rest assured our materials will meet or exceed R-value minimums for performance you can count on.

There are also specific guidelines for installing insulation. Our professional team is very familiar with these regulations and has completed thousands of jobs. We steer clear of wires and electrical appliances to install insulation safely and effectively – just one more reason why we’ve been voted Central Ohio’s #1 roofing company.

Types of Insulation

Consumers may not realize there are many types of insulation. At Able Roof, we help you choose the perfect material for your home or business. Options include:

  • Batts (Rolks). These flexible fiber sheets are made to fit between standard stud spacing and floor joints. Because you cut the sheets to fit the space, they’re easy to use and easy to manipulate around wires and pipes, providing maximum safety and efficiency.
  • Blown-in. This loose-fill insulation is made of individual fibers, in pellet or strand forms. It is applied by using a hose and a special machine to blow it into the required spaces. It works well for filling in multiple gaps or those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Spray foam. As a liquid, this mixture is sprayed through a specialized nozzle to fit into any gaps or spaces. Within seconds, the liquid transforms, and the mixture expands and hardens into a stiff and efficient material.

Choosing the insulation type that is best for you can be difficult, but we are here to help. We pride ourselves not only in the work we provide, but also in our excellent customer service. One of our friendly, professional insulation contractors in Powell will examine your home and advise you about which product will most benefit you.

Your Powell Ohio Insulation Contractor

Insulation isn’t a task to be taken to be taken lightly. You only want to trust your house to the best professionals. All of our labor comes with a lifetime warranty. Even if you sell your house, we’ll stand by our handiwork every time. Plus, the labor coverage is in addition to the material warranty so you never have to worry.

We’re so confident about our prices, we’ll give you a free estimate. You won’t find a better combination of craftsmanship and value for proper insulation in Powell, OH. In fact, you won’t find it anywhere in central Ohio. If you want to do some more research, check out our gallery for previous jobs or browse the testimonials from happy past customers.

When you’re ready to save tons on your energy bill, contact us to ask about insulation services. You can call (614) 444-2253 or schedule an appointment online. A new future for your home is within reach.