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Insulation in Gahanna, OH

Insulation Contractors in Gahanna, OH

When it comes to your home’s energy efficiency, few things are as important as attic insulation. The material acts like a heat barrier, ensuring you don’t lose valuable warm or cool air. Most of our annual energy cost comes from heating or cooling, so a properly insulated building is vital. Topping off existing insulation or adding new material entirely can mean:

  • 40% cost reductions each month.
  • Reduced condensation and mold.
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions thanks to less energy usage.
  • Fire resistance (depending on the material).
  • Less outside noise.
  • Warmer winters and cooler summers.
  • Fewer drafts, especially in the upper floor or attic of your home.
  • And more.

Insulation Installment and Recommended R-Values

The government has established special guidelines for insulation across the nation. The country is divided into bands, called zones, which separate them based on winter temperatures. If you buy insulation that’s not rated high enough, you won’t be seeing the maximum benefits. On the other hand, paying for an R-value too high could be a waste of money. At Able Roofing, we’ve been working on homes for more than 30 years. We know what clients prefer, plus we’re familiar with the guidelines for R-value and thickness. Every job will be as efficient and effective as possible.

Safety is important when installing insulation. The materials are placed near live wires, so insulators must be extremely cautious. We’ll always place your material safely so you can have peace of mind with every project. There’s no insulation in Gahanna, OH, like an Able Roofing job.

Common Types of Insulation

Like most things in life, there are different versions of insulation made to suit different needs. Our experience means we can help you choose the best option for your home and your budget. We’ll teach you about:

  • Fiberglass batts. These material rolls are one of the least expensive options, but they’re not as popular now as they have been. Fiberglass material is made in very long sections. Installation is simple: contractors cut the proper lengths and shapes and then place them in between studs.
  • Blown-in. Although costlier, blown-in insulation is the best choice in most applications. It’s flame resistant, easy to install in existing walls, and fills up gaps or other spaces instantly. In most cases, the insulation is in loose fiber form, although pellet options are available.
  • Spray foam. This material changes from a liquid to a solid during the insulation process. It’s pressurized and released through special equipment for even application. Within moments, it begins to expand and harden, creating a durable surface in no time.

We’re happy to answer questions about the insulation we offer to help you make a decision. Our experts can tell you about longevity, installation time, effectiveness, and more. Why? Because we care about your home and satisfaction and want you to make the right decision.

When Should I Insulate?

Now! If you’re in need of new insulation, you shouldn’t wait until spring. Winter energy bills are higher for most people than any other season. If you have insulation work done in the fall, you’ll be ready to kick back and save during the holidays. Other reasons why you should insulate before winter begins are:

  • Winter home projects are difficult. With colder temperatures, holiday hours, and plenty of snow (making travel and work unsafe), everything becomes a bit more challenging – including home improvement. In some cases, work can’t start until spring, meaning you’ll have to deal with drafts and higher bills all winter.
  • There are more openings for fall projects. Most people want renovations, like insulation, done in the spring and summer. If you complete them now, before fall, it’s likely that you’ll have a shorter wait time.
  • There’s more daylight. Yes, insulation is an inside job, but equipment and tools have to be left outside often. Fall days are longer than winter, meaning there are more hours to finish your project.

The Able Roof Difference

We’ve been chosen as central Ohio’s #1 roofing company, and there’s a reason why. We’ve helped more than 200,000 customers make their home dreams a reality. We update and improve countless dwellings, leaving satisfied customers behind every time. We also give a same-day guarantee in most cases. That means your project can be started and finished within 24 hours. Yep, even the big ones.

If you’re curious about the cost, process, or benefits of new attic insulation, don’t wait around. Give us a call at (614) 444-2253 and get your free estimate. There’s only one place where quality craftsmanship, extreme value, and unbeatable customer service come together: Able Roofing.

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