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Improve the Look of Your Home With These Window Types

Window Types

Are you looking for a simple way to update your home without breaking the bank? It may come as a surprise, but updating your windows can make all the difference. Windows control the outward appearance of your home. They also influence the amount of natural lighting that comes into your home. If you are looking for a new style, switching up your window type can completely change your home’s aesthetic.

What window styles are trending?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to updating your windows. It truly depends on your sense of style as well as your financial investment. Windows can improve the look of any room. There are a lot of different trends hitting homeowners in 2021, but there are a few that truly stand out. These include window options such as:  

Double Hung

Double-hung windows have surpassed single-hung windows as the most popular replacement windows in the country. With both sashes able to open and tilt, you have access to both panels for cleaning purposes, or to allow fresh air into your home. Double-hung windows also have a range of colors and styles available to suit a variety of home exteriors and interiors.


Hinged on the top and opening outward from the bottom, awning windows allow for ventilation while also protecting interiors from the rain. Awning windows are great if you want light but also privacy options, as they work well placed high on the walls.

Bay and Bow Window

Bay Window

Bay windows are composed of three windows joined together to form a larger unit. They protrude from the house to add volume to any room, offer more seating space, and provide lots of extra light and views of the outdoors.

Casement Window

A casement window, also know as a crank window, hinges at the side and opens outward to the left or right. Casement windows are great for areas where the option for maximum ventilation is preferable, such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Garden WIndow

Garden Window

A garden window, as the name suggests, provides a great place to keep potted plants. Not to be confused with a bay window, garden windows have a 90-degree angle to create a box-like window, while bay windows have an angle closer to 25 or 45-degrees.

Sliding WIndow

Sliding Window

Sliding windows are essentially double hung windows turned on their side. The sashes slide back and forth rather than up and down like more traditional windows. Because both sides of the window can be opened at the same time, sliding windows allow for optimum ventilation throughout your home.

Change your windows, change your perspective

Home improvements can quickly become pricey, and sometimes it can be difficult to determine what would best improve the overlook of your home. Many forget the impact of windows and what they offer for first impressions. From the outside, they can help to structure the initial appearance of your home. From inside, they can impact the amount of natural lighting and the general atmosphere that is created.

Contact Able Roof for help with your new window installation

There are numerous different window types that are currently trending, but what matters most is that you find something to match your style. Your house should be all about you. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This rings true that windows can shine light on the soul of your home.

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