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The Importance of Using a Trusted Roofing Company


Dealing with a sub-par contractor can be a nightmare in any kind of home renovation or repair project. From contractors accepting an up-front payment and never showing up to work, to finding out they never obtained proper permits for certain projects, to workers that are delinquent or rude, many people can tell horror stories of times they chose a contractor without proper research.

Horror Stories

If there is one woman who knows the worst of what can happen after choosing a bad contractor, it is Jody Costello. Costello’s story starts in 1998 with plans for a master bedroom suite. The plans were so poorly made by the company she chose, with so many unknowns, that some other contractors refused to even bid on the work after seeing the plans.

Perhaps the most terrifying part of Costello’s story is that the construction crew somehow managed to knock off the vent to the water heater, leading to a buildup of carbon monoxide gas inside the house. Costello reported lethargy, severe headaches, and repeatedly falling asleep during the day all leading to her passing out. If not for a plumber (not a member of the contractor’s crew) who had noticed the problem and warned her, things could have been much worse.

There is much more to Jody’s story; you can read the whole thing on her website. The experience she suffered led her to the creation of this website, which not only tells her story, but encourages others to post their own contractor horror stories.

Avoiding the Horrors

Now that you know some of the ways things can go wrong if you choose the wrong contractor for a job, let’s talk about some ways you can protect yourself. There are signs you should always look for and questions to ask to ensure your contractor will be reliable.

The most reliable way to find a good contractor is by word of mouth. Ask your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, anyone you know who lives in your area. They might have horror stories of their own and can tell you which contractors to avoid, but hopefully someone will know a contractor who did wonderful work for them.

Some other tips for choosing a contractor are:

  • Look for manufacturer designations. These are considered honors for roofing contractors.
  • Check ratings in the Better Business Bureau. If the contractor is not in the Better Business Bureau at all or has a low rating, you may wish to find a different contractor.
  • Ensure the contractor has a proper licensing and insurance for all their employees. If they don’t care about their workers, they probably don’t care about the work.

Able Roofing

If you are in the Central Ohio area and are in need of roofing, siding work, window, or gutter installation, call on the professionals at Able Roofing. If you need masonry repaired or maintained or insulation installed, then there is a company that you can trust: Able Roofing.

Able Roofing was started 30 years ago by Steve Weyl based upon the principles of superior service, quality work, and a fair price tag. The experts that now work at Able Roofing are known for their work ethic and are devoted to their craft. They specialize in repairs and installation and take pride on getting the work done right the very first time.


Able Roofing outshines their competitors in every area: siding, windows, and roofing. They offer lifetime warranties on all materials used in these areas. The performance of the work done by Able Roofing outstrips their competitors. Installations of siding and roofing come with a magnetic sweep of your yard for nails, and windows are custom made to the nearest quarter inch.

Instead of horror stories, the testimonials at Able Roofing say something else entirely.

“Your company came out and re-roofed my entire roof. […]Very quick and efficient, skilled, and cleaned up their entire mess when they were done.”

“Able rebuilt the old chimney on my 100 year old house right down to the details of the historic look in my neighborhood. […]The job took a little longer to complete than originally estimated due to rainy weather but it was worth the wait and there was no additional charge.”

Trust your most valuable possession to the professionals at Able Roofing. We’ll take care your home as if it were our own.