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How to Clean your Gutters Using Household Items

In a person, clogged arteries can cause catastrophic problems, such as heart attacks and strokes. Well, gutters are like arteries for your home. You want to keep their path clear because clogged gutters can damage your Columbus roofing system and cost you a great deal of aggravation, not to mention money, down the road. In fact, clogged gutters hold in debris and water, add weight to the gutter system and can cause the gutters to eventually loosen from your roof. In addition, overflowing gutters will allow water to seep under your roofing system and into your home. Luckily, there are a number of tools, as well as common household items, in which you can use to keep your gutters clear, healthy, and doing their job.

Get Leaves to “Leave” and Debris to Flee

If leaves are what is plaguing your gutters and Columbus roofing system, get them to “leave” by investing in a plastic gutter scoop. This tool has a thin profile width, making it easy to dip into the gutter and remove leaves. If you don’t want to buy and then store this tool, you can actually use an old kitchen spatula to do the job of the leaf scoop! Be sure to use scissors or tin snips to adjust the width of the spatula, if necessary, to ensure full scraping potential. You can also use a plastic, quart size milk jug or a 20-ounce soda bottle to remove leaves from your gutter. First, remove the paper labeling from the container. Then, turn them upside down and cut the bottom out at a slight angle; and voila, you have a homemade leaf scoop to protect your roof.

Choose a Leaf Collection Method

You can choose to lay out a plastic tarp or drop cloth under the gutter while cleaning out the leaves and maintaining your Columbus roofing system. This way, it is easy to dump the leaves into a trash bag and get rid of them. You can also opt to use a plastic bucket with a metal handle. Cut the handle in half at the center and bend them into hooks that will attach to the edge of the gutter. Now when you scoop out the gutter, the leaves will drop into the bucket. If leaves are wet, they will easily pack themselves into the bucket. It may be more difficult if leaves are dry, and the bucket will fill up more quickly because they won’t pack as densely.

Clear and Flush out Downspout and Gutter

After you successfully remove the gunk and debris, it is time to make sure the downspouts are cleared. To do this, place a garden hose into the downspout, turn water on, and check for downspout flow. If it’s clogged, increase the water pressure all the way to clear it. If that doesn’t work, remove the hose and use a plumping snake to manually clear the gutter. Finally, it is time to flush out the gutter and downspout system by inserting a hose at the farthest gutter section from the downspout opening.

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