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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Window Replacement?

Congratulations on deciding to replace your windows – it’s a wise move that could add home value, protect your family, and lower energy bills. Before you sign with a contractor, however, make sure you’re working with the best window contractor in Columbus. Finding the right window contractor is the first step in getting the most out of your window replacement service. Ask the following questions before you decide on your window company to maximize your return on investment.

Will My Windows Be the Most Energy Efficient Available?

You can’t shop for windows without coming across the question of energy efficiency. A home’s windows are staples in conserving energy in a household. The right windows can trap indoor air in and keep outdoor air out – allowing your HVAC system to cool and heat your house without working too hard or wasting energy. You’ll only get the most out of your window replacement if you opt for Energy Star rated windows. Look for the Energy Star or NFRC seal of approval on new windows, as well as low-E glass, a high R-value, and a low U-value.

How Well-Trained Are the Technicians?

Paying for the highest quality, award-winning energy efficient windows won’t give your home energy savings if the installation misses the mark. The installers working on your window replacement project can impact how well your windows work. Search for licensed and certified, factory-trained technicians who use modern technologies. The capabilities of the professionals replacing your windows is a very important consideration before you pay for a window installation.

Does the Company Offer Lifetime Warranties?

Stop! Before you sign up for new windows, find out if the contractor protects your investment with any warranties. No warranties could be a sign that the company doesn’t have faith in its own products and workmanship, or that it doesn’t prioritize customer satisfaction. Warranties on replacement windows are out there. Take the time to find a company (like Able Roof) that offers warranties on materials and labor to safeguard your investment.

Who Pays If Your New Windows Fail? You or the Contractor?

Don’t fork out thousands of dollars for window replacement only to have to pay to fix your weather seals, frames, or glass that failed within the first few months. At Able Roof, we never make customers pay for materials that fail after window replacement. We offer non-prorated services with zero out-of-pocket expense if materials, insulation, trim, or sealants fail after installation. Unless your contractor can say the same, you might not be getting the most possible from your window replacement.

What Is My Budget and Timeline?

Ask yourself if the contractor can accommodate your desired budget, financing options, and/or project timeline. If the company severely limits your options or cannot give you an accurate time frame, look elsewhere. You can get more out of your project with a company that listens to your needs, offers same-day guarantees, and has a range of financing options for window replacement in Columbus.

Are In-Home Window Replacement Consultations Free?

Never pay for an in-home window replacement consultation in Columbus. Able Roof offers them for free! We’ll visit your property, measure your windows, listen to your needs, and recommend the best windows and treatments for you – all free of cost. Get the absolute most for your money with Able Roof. Talk with our expert window contractors and see how we stack up to the competition. Request an estimate.

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