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Get Inspiration by Taking a Stroll Around Your Neighborhood

Next time you walk the dog or take a leisurely neighborhood stroll, pay attention to the other houses in your community. Do certain siding colors catch your eye? Did a house down the street just get a beautiful new asphalt roof? Are your next-door neighbor’s windows looking particularly attractive?

Admiring other homes in your neighborhood can help you learn what to do with your own house. It can be a great source of exterior home improvement inspiration, allowing you to make changes while still complementing the overall look of your community. Next time you take a stroll, watch for these five home exterior features.

1. Siding

Siding is one of the most important features of a home. The right home siding can make a statement about the homeowner’s sense of style and complement its architecture. Look at the colors and materials of siding on homes in your neighborhood.

Some homes might mix textures, using brick or stone alongside vinyl siding for a dynamic appearance. Some may opt for bright pastels, while others keep it classic with beige or brown siding. Vinyl is one of the most popular siding choices, and it comes with many different options. See if you prefer thicker or thinner panels, certain colors, materials, or specialty features by admiring your neighbors’ siding.

2. Windows

New windows don’t just look fantastic – they provide benefits such as energy savings, temperature control, and UV light protection. You may have neighbors who just replaced their old, outdated windows with of beautiful new models. Look for Energy Star stickers, French glass doors, and windows that accent the architecture of the home. If you see something you like, make note of it or take an inconspicuous photo.

Show a window contractor what you like and see if the company can recommend the same or similar windows for your home. Replacing old windows can fill your home with safe natural light and give you better outdoor views. View our gallery to see the stunning residential window choices at Able Roof.

3. Chimney Masonry

The chimney is an often-overlooked exterior element that can really attract the eye with the right materials and design. A home’s chimney should be about more than function – it could be beautiful with professional masonry. Check to see how your neighbors show off their chimneystacks. They may use multicolored bricks, the same material as the siding, or a smooth finish for a modern look.

The aesthetics of your chimney masonry goes a long way toward improving the overall look of your home. If your chimney pales in comparison to the styles in your neighborhood, contact Able Roof. Our masterful masons can custom-design your chimney to be the standout feature of your home.

4. Gutter Systems

The gutters aren’t something most people admire from the curb – but they should be. Look at your neighbors’ gutters and see where they deposit water after a storm. Do some neighbors always have soggy, muddy lawns after it rains, or troughs around the base of the home that show dysfunctional gutters? How about siding with unsightly water stains or streaks?

An optimized gutter system can keep the exterior of your home and landscaping in tip-top shape. Gutters with covers can even reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do, and keep pipes free from harmful clogs.

5. New Roofs

A new roof can significantly improve a home’s appearance. You’ve probably seen some houses in your neighborhood with unsightly bald patches, mismatched shingle colors, or dilapidated roofs that give the entire structure a slipshod appearance. These homes aren’t just eyesores in your community – they’re probably damaging the underlying foundation of the building with water leaks and storm damage.

If your roof looks worse than your neighbors, it could be time for replacement. This is especially true if all the homes in the area were built around the same time. Your roof could be at the end of its lifespan and ready for an overhaul.

At Able Roofing, we pull out all the stops when it comes to residential roofing systems. We offer numerous roof types and shingle colors for all tastes and home styles. We also install stunning metal roofing in bold colors like red, green, and orange. Our roofing experts can help you browse our catalogs and select the ideal roof type and material for your house and personal goals.

We can complete most re-roofing projects in just one day! Plus, all of our new roofs come with attractive warranties on materials and labor. Come to Able Roofing for all kinds of exterior home renovation tips.

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