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Free Spring Masonry Inspection

Your chimney’s masonry is an important element of your home’s roofing system. Masonry refers to the brickwork and mortar that make up most chimneys and fireplaces. Masonry also deals with stones, blocks, and stucco. Able Roof offers free spring masonry inspections to make sure your masonry is up for the task of blocking rain, moisture, and snowmelt in time for spring. We can repair common issues, such as cracks in your mortar joints, to prevent expensive leaks. Schedule your free inspection today!

3 Common Masonry Problems

At Able Roof, our 30-plus years of experience have given us the knowledge to effectively check for masonry problems. We have helped homeowners resolve simple to complex masonry issues. Whether your masonry is relatively new or you have never scheduled an inspection, we can help. Our technicians can detect and repair all types of masonry issues, including:

1. Cracked mortar joints. Mortar joints may crack due to heat, overloading, water infiltration, or other issues. Cracks can lead to masonry displacement, crumbling materials, and corrosion. We can check mortar joints for free, and repair any cracks in your masonry’s foundation.

2. Compaction. Compaction occurs when the mortar and foundation of masonry settles, or sinks down. This causes the bricks or stones to compact against each other, making the entire structure sag. Able Roof can repair compacted masonry work, or demolish and rebuild a structure that is beyond repair.

3. Roof leaks. Cracks in your mortar joints, compacted materials, shifts over time, and problems with the chimney crown could all lead to roof leaks. Leaks can cause wood rot, mold, and mildew. A simple masonry repair could stop a leak in your home, and prevent future leaks from occurring.

These are just three of the many problems your masonry work could experience. Some masonry will have issues from the beginning if installers did a poor job. Even well-installed masonry may need periodic repairs over time, however, due to the regular wear and tear of weather and the elements. Scheduling regular inspections can help prevent leaks and other problems before they cost you more money.

How Does One Solve Masonry Issues?

Masonry is an entirely unique part of your home. It requires experts in the field to make proper repairs. First, the professional will need to determine the nature and source of the problem. Then, the mason will conduct repairs. If you have cracked mortar joints, for example, your mason may use tuckpointing as a solution.

Tuckpointing is a historic masonry technique where a professional removes and replaces deteriorated or damaged mortar between bricks or stone. Tuckpointing solves many mortar problems and related leaks. You will only need to invest in tuckpointing once every 20 to 30 years if you use an experienced professional to do the job.

Why Schedule a Free Inspection With Able Roof?

Spring is just around the corner. The season change in your region may come with melting snow or rainfall – two things that could lead to water leaks if you have cracked masonry. Now is the time to schedule your masonry services at Able Roof, before a leak can cause damage to your home. Able Roof has offered high-quality masonry services in Columbus, Ohio for decades. Request a free, masonry inspection from our experienced technicians today.