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Free Roofing Cost Estimate Columbus, OH

Free roofing estimate cost Columbus, OH

Having someone work on your home is serious business. Whoever you choose, you’re trusting them with your family’s safety and comfort, in addition to the looks and value of your home. At Able Roof, we believe every roofing project should come with experience, customer service, and reliability. Luckily, these three things are non-negotiable for us because we go beyond for every single call. Click here for a free roofing cost estimate!

Get Your Estimate for Free

Free is always good, especially when you’re trying to figure out how much a big home improvement project is going to cost. We don’t think you should ever pay for a project estimate. At Able Roof, we’re so confident in our value and expertise that we’ll give you a complete rundown of your roofing cost with absolutely no obligation.

Plus, most of our projects are covered by our Same Day Guarantee. This means your job will be finished in less than 24 hours in almost all cases, even if you need an entirely new roof. We do this by utilizing the most efficient techniques and materials on the market. We also understand how noisy and inconvenient home renovation can be, so we aim to make yours quick but done well.

The Same Day Guarantee also ensures you don’t have to take off extra time from work to stay home. We’ll get in and get out so you can get on with your life and enjoy your new roof sooner.

Why Able Roof

At Able Roof, we’re a dream come true. Our company began back in 1986 under the vision of Steve Weyl. He set out with just a pickup truck, smile, and natural affinity for figuring out what people want. It wasn’t long before his customer service and craftsmanship made him stand out for people of Columbus. Now we’re the premier roofing company for central Ohio.

We have a whole team of trained professionals ready to tackle all your projects, from roofing to windows, to gutters and more. Competitors may come and go, but the choice is always clear. When you want quality performance you can count on, you want Able Roof. We offer:

  • Lifetime material warranty. We cover everything from shingles to flashing to vents, and they are all guaranteed.
  • Lifetime labor warranty. We know our work is top quality. We’re so sure of our it that we’ll cover our work as long as you live in your home.
  • Transferrable warranty. Even if you sell your home in the future, our warranty still stands. When we say lifetime, we mean it.
  • 110 MPH wind protection. What good is a roof if you can’t count on it? We use state of the art techniques to ensure your roof can handle the strongest nature has to throw at it.
  • Non paint-needing metal roofs. Able Roof uses the highest quality paints, so if it ever needs touch-ups, we’ll take care of it.
  • No deductible on repairs. Our work doesn’t fail, but if it did, you wouldn’t have to pay a fee. Ever.
  • Magnet sweep. Once your project is done, we check for loose nails and screws with a powerful magnet so you can have more peace of mind.
  • No subcontractors. All our work is completed by our team.
  • Professional installation. Every job is finished by trained experts. They are guided by the manufacturers for the best job each time.
  • Impact resistant roofing. You don’t have to fear hail or other impacts anymore.
  • Increased strike zone. Our strike zones prevent blow off because they’re larger than the competitors, measuring a full 2”.
  • Year-round ratings. We know Ohio gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Our materials are designed to handle temperature changes.
  • Tapered design. This shape reduces cracking and humping for the nicest looking roof possible.

Proven Results

Seeing is believing, right? That’s why we offer such an extensive gallery of previous projects. In it, you’ll find dozens of examples so you know exactly what to expect. In addition to our roofing work, you can find gutters, siding, masonry, and more.

We back up our claims with more than just pictures. Our testimonials page is chock full of glowing recommendations from happy patrons. If you want a firsthand account of our VIP treatment, you can read what other people have to say.

At Able Roof, we’re there for you through every step of the process. Start out with your free estimate today, and we’ll help you with financing, planning, installation, and more. Don’t leave the safety and security of your home to just anyone. Call us today.