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Three Roofing Contractor Scams to Avoid

Every profession has its share of corrupt workers, and the Columbus roofing contractor business is no exception. Knowing the difference between the professionals and the crooks will save you and your Columbus roofing system from a lot of trouble. Below are three types of crooked contractors you should avoid at all costs.

The Low-Baller

If a Columbus roofing contractor gives you a cost estimate that seems too good to be true, it probably is. The low-balling contractor will probably explain his amazing quote by saying that he gets a better deal on materials for your Columbus roofing system, or that other contractors are overcharging. As a consumer, you are typically conditioned to jump at sales and bargains; and therefore, you may be tempted to choose this low-cost contractor. But buyers beware!

Once the low-balling Columbus roofing contractor receives your deposit and has roped you into the commitment, his price will increase. He will tell you that he needs more materials than he initially anticipated or that he found additional damage. Before you know it, the price will be more expensive than any initial quote that you had received from other contractors. But once you realize this, it will be too late to change contractors because you will have already signed the contract and submitted a deposit; additionally, you will also now have less time to correct the damage to your Columbus roofing system.

To avoid this nightmare, you should always fight the temptation to go with the lowest bid because, more often than not, there are a lot of hidden fees that will pop up once the construction is already underway. As a precaution, get your quote written in contract form before any work starts. Also, never agree to pay more than 30 percent at the start of the project.

The Storm Chaser

Another type of scammer to look out for is what is referred to as “storm chasers.” These crooked Columbus roofing contractors go door-to-door after a severe storm, anxious to rope you into a commitment before you have time to do proper research on their background. The storm chaser wants you to feel grateful and ultimately loyal to him for being there during you and your family’s time of need. However, these Columbus roofing contractors will run up your repair bill and rip off both you and your insurance company.

You should never, ever let just anyone on your Columbus roofing system right after a storm, out of desperation. Even if the door-to-door roofer offers to a free roof inspection after a storm, do not accept. This contractor can be a huge liability if he falls or gets hurt on your property. Instead of falling into this trap, take a deep breath and remain calm. Then, call your insurance agent, who will have a pre-approved list of contractors and first responders that he or she will notify. Remember, a contractor who comes directly to you after a storm instead of by you requesting an appointment or through your agent is probably not an approved resource for a reason.

The Pity Evoker

Another scammer is the one who plays the pity card in order to snag the job on your Columbus roofing system. This contractor will try to make you believe that he isn’t really in the business to make money. He tells you he is charging an extremely low mark-up on your roofing job. He wants you to trust him enough to not question his pricing and to give him the job out of pity. This contractor leads you to believe that he won’t make a penny until the very end of the project, but he will actually be overcharging you for materials and labor during the entire process.

Your contractor’s profit percentage should never be your concern. Even if he tells you that he is doing the job for a very low labor price, it still has no impact on the cost of the project itself. As a rule of thumb, request multiple quotes from a variety of Columbus roofing contractors and award your job based on reputation, not on which contractor has the most sympathetic story. Also, getting a “lien release” in your contract will protect you if your contractor fails to pay his suppliers with the money in which you pay him. Remember, any Columbus roofing contractor who is trying to leverage your sympathy over his own reputation is probably lacking in the latter.

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