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Conserve Energy with Window Replacement

Window replacement

When it comes to saving money as a homeowner, every little bit counts. There are many ways to pinch pennies when you own your own home, such as turning the heat and air conditioning down a notch, turning off lights when they aren’t in use, and buying household supplies in bulk. Though these are all beautiful ways to keep costs down, one of the very best ways to conserve energy and money requires a bit of an upfront investment. Though this seems counterintuitive when you are trying to lower expenses, it can pay off overall to invest in updates that will save on utilities. One such update is replacing your windows. Though this may seem like an inconsequential part of the home, windows are one of the main ways in which heating and cooling can escape to the outdoors. By replacing your windows, you can make sure that your utility payments go toward keeping your home comfortable, not creating energy that leaks outside.

Low emission argon-filled glass

One significant way that windows can conserve energy use is with a unique material called low E argon. Another term for this material is low emission. When it is put into window panels, it helps keep UV rays from making their way through the window and into your home. This helps ensure that your family’s skin stays safe from harmful rays and that any summer cooling measures are not negated by the hot sun. This material is between the two panes of glass on your windows instead of air. Because low E argon is denser than air, it provides a better insulating barrier.

Fusion welding

Another main way that new windows can help to conserve energy is through fusion-welded borders. When we install windows, we fusion weld the sides so that there are no gaps along the edges of the window. This means that no air from outside will get through the sides, and no air from inside will escape. This process helps to conserve energy and keeps your home at a more stable temperature. Because the window has been welded to the surrounding area, you do not have to worry about gaps occurring over time.

Improve appearance

Replacing your home’s windows is not only beneficial for conserving energy and utilities, but it can also help to significantly improve the appearance of your home’s interior and exterior. Improve the look of your home with these window types:

Double-hung windows

These windows are an excellent addition to almost any space. There are two sashes on each window, allowing you to open the top, bottom, or both. These windows are incredibly easy to clean and allow homeowners to keep their spaces looking tidy and cared for. They also create lots of customizable options for airflow and ventilation while remaining tightly sealed when closed. The edges of double-hung windows can be produced in vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and more, making them easy to customize to your home’s unique aesthetic.

Bow and bay windows

You have likely heard of bay windows and may have even admired the charm they add to a home. Bay windows are characterized as three distinct windows that jut out from the house and create an angle between them. The two side windows are generally at an angle, with the middle one parallel to the home. Bow windows are the same shape but without the angles. In a bow window, all of the panes are curved to create the shape. There is no denying that both styles of window add character and curb appeal to homes. The cozy nook created is great for displaying items or, if it is large enough, setting up a small bench or sitting area. As long as the windows are high quality and installed correctly, they do not have a negative impact on energy costs, making them an appealing prospect for window replacements.

Casement windows

Casement windows are a classic option and appealing for those who enjoy airflow in their home throughout the year. These windows crank open to the right or the left and allow air to enter at all vertical points of the window. Not only do these windows look fantastic, but the seal must also be extremely tight for them to work properly. This means that once installed, you can be confident that the area around your windows is adequately sealed.

Awning windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows, except they hinge up instead of left or right. They provide a similar level of seal and reassurance but allow for ventilation during rain. Because the windows open upward, they protect against precipitation while the windows are open. Many of these windows are installed higher up on a wall to provide light and airflow from above rather than at eye level.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows provide movement from left to right rather than up to down. These are better for wide windows, as they allow for more significant opening. These windows have a classic look and provide ample lighting and airflow. However, their seals are not as rigid as awning or casement windows. This means that there are opportunities for air to be let in the sides of the window frame when not properly closed.

Scratch-resistant windows

No matter the style of window you get, it’s important to consider if you want scratch-resistant panes. For most people, these are a great option. Even if you are careful, or your home’s windows are in low-traffic areas, accidents and scratches can happen. Debris from storms, as well as hail and ice, can easily scratch your windows and make them less clear. To protect your investment, it is best to get scratch-resistant window panes.

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