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Commercial Roofing Companies Close-Up: The Roof Drain

Roof-related topics might come off as dry and flavorless to the non-roofer, but commercial roofing companies and residential roofers in Columbus Ohio alike must pay attention to different insights and information that is vital to the longevity of roofs. One such topic is drainage for flat roofs – mostly a concern to commercial buildings, since they appear on large structures, rather than smaller homes.

So, what are some of the issues facing roof drains and how you can fix them?

What Problems Will You Face with Your Roof Drain?

When checking what’s wrong with your roof drain, commercial roofers will tell you that there aren’t a ton of possible problems that you’ll face; your problems will most likely be caused by one of four basic things:

  • Your roof isn’t sloped properly
  • Your drains weren’t installed properly
  • Your drain was made with poor parts
  • Your drain wasn’t maintained properly

Commercial roofing companies should inform you that your flat roof must have a sump installed. If not, you will run into trouble with your drain ring, which will not allow for proper drainage and cause pools of water on your roof. As far as the actual installation is concerned, the primary and secondary drains need to be put in at the proper elevation, or you may see pools of water around your drains.

Concerning the actual parts used, durability is a must. Plastic parts aren’t all that durable, and far less durable compared to the actual material of the roof – which will lead them to fall apart and cause clogs. Finally, the drains need constant proper maintenance; if this isn’t performed, you will see clogs. You need to not only clear the drains of debris, but the roof, as well, preventing other clogs from forming.

How Do You Repair Your Roof Drain?

Experiencing an issue with your roof drain and don’t know what to do? Commercial roofing companies are here to help! If you do want to fix it yourself, there are a series of steps you must take to repair your roof drain.

  • Inspect and clean the area.
  • Use a plumber’s snake or pipe brush.
  • Spray the drain with a hose.
  • Repeatedly clean the drain.

First, you need to examine the area and find out the root of the problem. If you have leaves or any other debris blocking your view, clear the area. Then, grab your flashlight and shine it down the drain to see what’s causing the issue. After you’ve cleaned the area, use a plumber’s snake to get the drain clean. A plumber’s snake removes clogs for plumbers with relative ease, and it will work for your roof drain, as well. If you don’t have access to a plumber’s snake, a pipe brush will also do the trick. Next, you’re going to want to use a hose to push the clog through the drain. The high pressure of the rushing water should work wonders.

Now that you’ve heard enough about flat roof drains, let’s talk about one of the best commercial roofing companies Columbus Ohio has to offer: Able Roofing. Able Roofing is here to help, so give us a call today!