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Commercial Roofing Best Practices

What is your commercial property’s most important asset?

If you answered with commercial roofing, then you have been paying attention to the most important details of commercial property management! When it comes to commercial property maintenance and management, most building owners and managers will immediately point to caring for their elevators and HVAC systems, but they may not immediately consider how important it is to keep up with the roof… until it leaks, of course.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Have you ever considered that problems with a commercial roofing system could lead to other problems, too? Such as:

  • Poor energy efficiency in the building
  • Promotion of the growth of mold
  • Degradation of the structural capacity of the building
  • Deterioration of the entire building exterior

In order to avoid detrimental long-term problems for your building, as a property manager, it is important to be proactive about the maintenance of your commercial roofing – reviewing and updating the system at least twice annually. This will always fare better than being reactive – dealing with the situation only when there is a leak or problem.

What to Look For

Now that you have decided that you will be proactive about safeguarding your roof, you must understand what to look for. roofers will suggest keeping some of the following visual clues in mind when you are on top of your roof investigating its appearance:

  • Prolonged standing water or ponding on the roof may lead to premature aging and deterioration; this will lead to leaks, and when left undetected, it can lead to rotting and weakening of the roof deck.
  • Bubbles on the rooftop may indicate that there is water trapped inside the roof cover. This can also lead to leaks and reduce the lifespan of your roof.
  • Roof flashing is where the strips of metal installed around the perimeter of the edge of the roof cover meets the wall. A gap in this flashing is a warning sign.

Depending on the age of your commercial roofing, you should consider being more frequent about your inspections. You may also want to consider how much foot traffic is on your roof as another variable for frequency of inspections. Overall, no matter how frequent your inspections are, always have a plan with a roofer Columbus Ohio has to offer for repair and maintenance to take place immediately to avoid further damage.

Why Worry? Let Someone Else Do That!

When it comes to commercial property, no one knows better than the experienced roofer contractors at Able Roofing that there is a lot to worry about. How do we know this for sure? Our company devotes much its work to property managers and commercial clients. With all you have to worry about when it comes to those things, don’t add worrying about your roof to the list.

When you need commercial roofing, Able Roofing has the experience necessary to handle all of your needs. Contact us today.

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