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Why You Should Call a Roofer Before Your Insurance Company

After storm or winter damage to roofs, homeowners often call insurance companies for estimates. It may seem like the natural step to take, but it’s not always in the best interest of the homeowner. Before calling your insurance company, it may be best to contact a roofing company directly. Roofing companies frequently work directly with insurance companies and understand their processes for estimates. A good roofing company like Able Roof can become your advocate and ensure insurance companies do not take advantage of you.

Calling in a Roofing Company

Most homeowners despise filing claims through insurance. The task is usually tedious and painful, resulting in hours of lost time.   To avoid dealing with the insurance companies, many homeowners call contractors first. There are a few advantages to calling a roofing company before insurance. The biggest advantage is establishing an ally to help you negotiate with insurance, if necessary. Good roofing companies will help you with the insurance paperwork if that’s the path you choose.

Roofing Experts

Insurance adjusters are not roofing experts. Calling a roofing company out to assess damage will guarantee a thorough and accurate inspection. Roofing experts don’t look for surface damage, but instead dive deeper to find water and other underlying problems. Insurance adjusters often miss deeper issues and the roof’s situation only deteriorates. After a roofing professional has inspected your roof, the company can send a claim to the insurance company for a more accurate appraisal.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Everyone we have met hates dealing with insurance companies. Filing a claim on your homeowners’ insurance is no different. Often, the claims process is confusing and time-consuming, leaving homeowners frustrated. When you call a roofing company before your insurance company, you can avoid the entire claims fiasco. A roofing company can provide your insurance company with an estimate and negotiate the settlement. You don’t have to be involved at all.

Deciding Whether to File an Insurance Claim

When a homeowner calls the insurance company after the damage is sustained, the company will send the adjuster out to inspect. If the damage found is under your deductible amount, you will have to pay out of pocket, but the insurance company will still consider it a claim. Even when insurance companies don’t pay a dime of their own money, the claim can increase your insurance policy premium.

Homeowners are at an advantage if they call a roofing company first. The roofing company will hold homeowners under no obligation and will not open an insurance claim unless necessary. The roofing company will be upfront about the costs and make recommendations to help homeowners decide whether to make an insurance claim.

Guaranteed Repairs

The best benefit of calling a roofing company to assess damage is accuracy. Insurance adjusters often miss deep water damage. A roofing expert will be able to find damage to your roof, rafters, and attic. The repairs will include everything, not just surface damage. Too often, insurance companies don’t properly assess the damage and roofing begins to deteriorate. This leads to more insurance claims in the future. A roofing company will also provide you with an overall assessment of your roofing needs. If your roof will need to be replaced within a few years, the contractor will let you know, so you can make the proper preparations.

The Role of the Roofing Company

Roofing companies can be your best friend if your home has been damaged. As experts in the field, roofers will provide the best information to you and offer different options for roof repair. Once the roofing professional has performed an estimate for services, they will work directly with the insurance company. The headache of negotiations, claims paperwork, and arguing with insurance employees will lie with the roofers. The company will work to ensure you receive proper compensation for damages, based on your individual policy.

Able Roof Is Here for You

If you are looking for a roofing advocate for recent damage, give Able Roof a call. Our roofing experts will visit your home free of charge to provide an assessment of damages. After the evaluation, we will provide you with an estimate for repairs and help you decide whether to proceed with an insurance claim. If you decide to file a claim through your homeowners’ insurance, we will help you with the process. For homeowners who do not use insurance or cannot afford to make necessary repairs we offer financing. Our business is highly rated with the Better Business Bureau and we guarantee our work.

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