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Best Windows for Your Cape Cod Home

Best windows for your cape cod home

Cape Cod-style houses are some of the most common residential structures seen in the United States. The Cape Cod-style home is generally favored for its plain yet eye-catching construction. Most Cape Cod-style homes have an entryway that rests flush against the home’s front face without intruding into or protruding from the structure. Another distinctive feature of the modern Cape Cod-style house is the home’s windows’ symmetrical configuration.

If you own a Cape Cod house or plan to buy one, you have several options when it comes to choosing the appropriate windows for your Cape Cod style. Generally, it’s best to choose windows that flow with your home’s overall design, and the team at Able Roof is happy to walk you through your best options.

Double-Hung Windows

Perhaps the most popular windows for homes in the United States are double-hung windows. These windows offer a simple yet reliable construction that allows for customizable ventilation year-round. A double-hung window features two horizontally staggered window sashes that slide vertically in the window frame. Occupants can slide the window open at the top or the bottom. Opening a double-hung window at the top is good for ventilation and pushing warm air out from inside the home. Opening the bottom sash of a double-hung window allows the breeze to enter the home and cool the interior.

Double-hung windows are easy to clean and maintain, and they generally feature durable vinyl construction that stands up very well against the elements. These are some of the most affordable and cost-effective windows for a modern Cape Cod-style house, and they will complement the home’s architectural symmetry very nicely.

Many Cape style homeowners enjoy double-hung windows with fixed grilles for a more traditional look. While plain double-hung windows are generally easier to clean, modern double-hung windows with fixed grilles offer greater visual interest and work well with virtually any color scheme on a Cape Cod exterior.

Specialty Windows

Double-hung windows are truly the gold standard when it comes to Cape Cod style windows. However, the modern Cape Cod-style house has evolved over the years. Any homeowner can take liberties with conventional window design as long as their chosen windows align with the Cape style home’s construction’s symmetry.

Specialty windows are becoming more common on Cape Cod-style homes. Many homeowners adapt the traditional Cape Cod-style house to suit their tastes and break away from the entirely flat, symmetrical construction that is the Cape Cod exterior’s signature. Two of the most common examples of modernized Cape Cod-style windows are sidelight windows and bay/bow windows.

Sidelight Windows

The entryway of the traditional Cape Cod-style house has very little ornamentation. One simple yet effective change you can make is installing sidelight windows along each side of the entryway. These windows can let additional light into a home while also providing increased visual interest from the exterior. These windows are relatively inexpensive and fixed, so there is no need to worry about moving parts that will require occasional replacement. It’s also possible to install sidelight windows made of stained or etched glass for further customization.

Bay/Bow Windows

On most traditional Cape Cod-style houses, the front entryway is flanked by large main floor windows on either side. Installing bay or bow windows instead of traditional flat windows adds a bit of geometric interest from the outside while making the interior feel more spacious. Bay and bow windows differ from garden windows, which are much boxier.

A bay window consists of three panes, including a larger central pane with smaller panes on each side. A bow window consists of four or more panes of each size joined into an arch shape over the window opening. Both bay and bow windows can make a home seem larger inside and out, and this can be particularly advantageous for Cape Cod-style houses that are typically smaller in size than other modern home styles.

Window Upgrades for Your Cape Cod Home

There are lots of ways to customize the windows of a Cape Cod-style house. While double-hung windows are the usual standard for Cape Cod-style windows, it’s possible to customize these windows differently. It’s also possible to add specialty windows that can make the home more visually appealing while also increasing comfort and energy efficiency.

Able Roof is proud to offer professional window replacement services for your Cape Cod-style house. Whether you want a traditional double-hung window installed or want to get creative with your window options, we can help. Contact Able Roof today for more information about Cape Cod-style windows and make an appointment with our team.