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Why You Should Avoid Window Gimmicks

What’s a “window gimmick,” you ask? Think about the multitude of ads you likely saw when researching new or replacement windows for your home. Outrageous deals such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free Window or the infamous $189 window sale are examples of classic window gimmicks. They are ultra-low prices or other “steals” that companies advertise to swindle unsuspecting customers into what can become home improvement nightmares. Here are five reasons you should avoid window gimmicks at all costs.

They’re Too Good to Be True

If a window “deal” seems too good to be true, it probably is. One of the simplest yet most important reasons to avoid window gimmicks is that most of the time they simply aren’t true. An untrustworthy company will advertise a certain “ultra-low” price at first, only to tack on tons of hidden fees and costs later, after it’s too late to change your mind about the contractor you chose. The true final price of your “discount” replacement windows might just give you sticker shock!

They Don’t Build a Good Foundation for Trust in the Company

Since window gimmicks generally don’t advertise the actual final price, they don’t do much to foster trust in the brand for the future. If you can’t rely on your window contractors to be up front and honest with you about something as simple as price, how can you trust it to be there for you when you need repairs, new installations, or other services? Tricking people with window gimmicks will not start a company off on the right foot with customers. You need window contractors you can wholeheartedly trust with your home.

You’ll Get Poor-Quality Windows and Installations

When it comes to windows and other home improvement projects, you get what you pay for. A company that’s offering a super-low price on new windows is not one that prioritizes high quality. Since it isn’t making much profit (or any at all) on the price of the window units, it will try to make up the costs elsewhere – such as low-quality materials and shoddy installations. You might think you got a great deal, only to spend hundreds of extra dollars later on repairs, weatherproofing, repainting, and replacements.

You Won’t Have Help in the Future

If you invest in the cheapest windows on the market, you’d better believe you’re going to run into problems down the road. The most common issues with low-quality window installations are air and water leaks, broken glass, and window frame damage. With the wrong contractor, you won’t have any quality assurances, satisfaction guarantees, or lifetime warranties to fall back on. You’ll have to pay for the problems you’ll inevitably encounter out of your own pocket. Instead of going with the cheapest window replacement services, invest in a company that will have your back over time.

Real Deals Are Out There!

Just because you shouldn’t trust too-good-to-be-true window gimmicks doesn’t mean you can’t find a genuinely great deal on high-quality windows. Partner with a trusted window contractor like Able Roof for deals that make sense for your home, your family, and your wallet. We offer window replacement services at prices you can love without having to be suspicious of quality. Check out our latest window deals here.