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How to Avoid Hiring a Storm Chaser

What is a storm chaser? In the roofing business, storm chasers are classified as businesses that follow large storms that cause exterior home damage. These contractors typically show up to an affected area immediately after a storm and try and get your business for the repairs.

What is Their Goal?

The idea of having contractors readily available after a storm to make your repairs quickly sounds great. In reality, storm chasers are trying to cash in your insurance check and poorly replace your roof or siding. Dealing with a natural disaster is stressful enough, and entrusting the repair work to a storm chaser can make matters worse. Here are some tips to protect yourself and your home.

1. Say No to Door-to-Door Solicitors

Storm chasing contractors tend to make it to your home in record time after a storm. This can be a very emotional time, and storm chasers try to capitalize on the fact that your emotions and decision-making processes might not be in order.

2. Check on Their Licensing

If you are considering a few contractors to make your repairs, check on their licensing and insurance. A storm-chasing company may not have all the up-to-date licensing for your area, which could lead to legal issues down the road. Read through their information to check for dates and location validation.

3. Oversee All Inspections

Storm-chasing contractors will most likely offer a free inspection to give you an idea of damages and repairs needed. Be sure you are available to oversee these inspections. Some of the most unreliable companies have been known to fake extra damage with golf balls or hammers.

4. Keep Your Insurance Information to Yourself

Contractors who are working on repairs after a storm are going to be paid by your insurance company. Keep your coverage information to yourself while deciding on a contractor. Storm chasers will likely give you a quote that is exactly or close to what your insurance will cover for the damage.

5. Don’t Feel Rushed

Finding yourself in an emergency situation after a storm may make you feel like you have to rush to get a contractor for the work. Most contractors will be available in a matter of days to give an estimate and begin work. Take your time while choosing to make sure the job is done right.

6. Never Pay the Full Amount Up-Front

Any reputable contractor is only going to ask for partial payment up front. Storm chasers may ask for full payment, allowing them to do a poor job on your repairs. Always make sure to withhold some of the payment until you can inspect the work and ensure it is up to your standards.

7. Make Sure the Work Comes with a Warranty

Quality roofing and siding contractors will offer a warranty on the materials they are using and the workmanship. Storm chasers rarely stay in the same area and therefore do not offer warranties on their work.

8. Look into Their Reputation

Most contractors will have reviews or testimonials, either on their websites or other business review avenues. Find out more information about the quality of service they have provided other homeowners. If you cannot find any reviews at all it is best to avoid working with them.

How to Find a Roofer You Can Trust

Find a quality roofer instead of rushing into the quick promises of a storm chaser. Local roofing contractors are the smartest choice in the event of an emergency.

Local roofers know your community and have already provided local homeowners with quality service. These businesses were also affected by the storm or natural disaster and will offer more compassion and quality to their customers.

A roofing contractor you can trust will provide you with personal service and communication. They understand that each home is different and are not trying to hastily repair storm damage. Instead, they will consider each individual situation and make sure the needs of your home are being met.

Local companies like Able Roof care about you and will always keep your best interests in mind. At Able Roof, we strive to do what is best for our customers. We understand making repairs after a storm can be stressful, and we take extra caution to educate our customers about the repairs we are making. Instead of utilizing a quick fix from a storm chaser, contact a local company like Able Roof to give you quality service that will get your home back in working order.