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5 Ways a Gutter System Protects Your Home

During the warm, rainy months of spring and early summer, it is vital that your gutter system is working properly. A strong gutter system will keep rainwater away from your roof and foundation. If your gutters are clogged or damaged it could cause water to pool around your foundation or even on your roof, and standing water will begin to erode those areas causing more expensive damages in the long run. An excellent gutter system will protect and maintain your home in the best way possible. There are five ways a gutter system protects your home; gutters:

1. Prevent the foundation and exterior of the home from damage
2. Prevent internal damage in basements, attics, and walls
3. Help create an irrigation system for your landscape
4. Protect your roof
5. Prevent gardens and landscapes from flooding and soil from eroding

Protect the Foundation and Exterior of Your Home

When rainwater runs off your roof, it can end up near the foundation of your home. This can damage your siding, the paint on the exterior of your home, and may lead to rotting and weather damage. Standing water or overflowing gutters can even cause damage to areas such as your window sill. Water that sits near the foundation will put pressure on it, affecting your property. The most serious consequences won’t happen overnight, but will slowly disintegrate with time. Putting off gutter repair or replacement could eventually lead to serious foundation damages.

Avoid Internal Water Damage

If the water seeps into the foundation of your home, it can leak into your basement and cause water damage. The same occurs if it leaks into your roof; your attic may end up with wood rot, fungus, and stains. If the water seeps past the roof or into the basement, the moisture may spread to the walls. When this happens, rotting and mold will affect the structure of your walls as well. If there is moisture in the walls during cold months, the water will freeze and expand, causing further issues within your home.

Save Your Landscape With a Gutter System

When water runs off the roof, it heads for the foundation and for the landscaping. Having too much water on your lawn or in your garden can kill it. However, with a gutter system, the water can safely run down into an area away from your home and garden. The water can then collect in an irrigation system, which will evenly water your garden and landscape and keep your plants healthy.

Protect Your Roof

Your roof can become damaged if water collects on it and doesn’t drain away. If water sits on the roof, it can soak in through the shingles into your roof and into the attic, creating internal and external damage.

Avoid Floods and Soil Erosion

Water runoff can overwater parts of your landscape closest to the home, leading to dying plants. Since a gutter system can create an irrigation system, you could use it to evenly water your landscape and prevent soil from eroding.

For all that gutter systems do, it’s a wise investment for people who want to protect their homes and gardens from water damage; contact the professionals at Able Roof to see how we can help you protect your home affordably.