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Home Repair Costs Through The Roof? Choose From 4 Winter Getaways on a Budget!

This winter hasn’t exactly been easy on us Ohioans, has it? Between the record snowfall (we’re talking over a foot per storm in some cases) dumped on the state with each storm, and the frigid temperatures, even the most prepared homeowners may have found themselves pinching pennies to take some extra precautions.

  • Heavy snowfall can put a strain on a roof; and removal of the snow is important after countless major storms.
  • With repeated ice-thaw cycles, any Columbus roofer will tell you ice dams should be a big concern! Remove these ice dams before they damage to roofing systems and gutters.
  • Rock salt, shovels, ice picks, and snow removal gear costs can add up as quickly as the snow in Ohio

Even if you winterized your home last October and November, sometimes (as homeowners find) things happen. And, now that we are facing more cold and snow, are you asking, “Can’t I just relax and take a vacation?!”

The good news is this… Even if you have exhausted your budget on roofing repair or other home repairs, there are several great, budget-friendly winter getaways you can take advantage of, right here in Ohio.

Here are our top four suggestions:

1: Take a Trip to Another World in Amish Country (

If you are looking for a getaway that offers a little bit of everything, this is your trip. The unique culture of Amish Country is right in our backyard, here in Central Ohio. You can enjoy the scenery (even in the winter!), visit farms, enjoy homemade treats, and feast in some great restaurants, too. There’s also shopping, dining, and education to be found here. It truly is fun for the whole family. The best part? The entire budget is up to you. Once you get there, you decide what you want to do and how much you want to spend.

2: Go Back in History on a Cincinnati Learning Adventure (

Parents will love this one. The kids are off from school for vacation; and stimulating their minds is par for the course. What’s great about this Ohio getaway is that you get a ton for one ticket – and it’s something the kids will be fascinated by! A low-cost museum pass includes tickets to the Cincinnati History Museum, Museum of Natural History & Science, and Duke Energy Children’s Museum. Your family can walk through a replica glacier (not the one in your backyard), and check out some dinosaur fossils in these museums.

3: Get Lost on a Tropical Island in Splash Harbor (

Who doesn’t want to go to a water park in the middle of the winter? Oh, you thought you had to go somewhere tropical for that? Well, right here in Ohio, you can go to an indoor water park at Splash Harbor! The kids will love the rides, and you will love to relax and “pretend” you are harbored away on a tropical island. The coolest part (besides it being located in a hotel, which makes travel plans easy) is that it has a glass ceiling so you could check out the snow falling above, if you really wanted to.

4: Get Active at Punderson State Park (

Believe it or not, many people tend to forget about our state parks in the winter. During the summer, we love to hike and play outside, but who can forget about the winter activities that get our blood pumping? Consider renting a cabin and camping over the weekend for a change of scenery. So, maybe that’s not your style; then, how about a day trip? Winter activities at Punderson State Park vary from incredibly active skiing, snowmobiling, and sledding, to ice fishing, hiking, and sitting by the fire at the lodge.

Put down the snow rake and take a second to experience all of that winter goodness! Roofing maintenance and repair is important, but you can still enjoy all that Ohio has to offer this winter — what will you start on first?