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The $189 Window Myth: Can I Really Get a Window for That Price?

$189 Window Replacement

Windows are one area of your home where you don’t want the cheapest deal – you want the best deal. Many window companies advertise the $189 window as the cheapest window available. While it may be one of lowest prices on the market, these companies don’t mention anything about the quality of the window, customer service, or craftsmanship. They simply advertise the cheapest windows. The $189 window does exist, but is it a window you really want? Instead of opting for a cheap windows, get your home the real deal with quality windows it deserves.

Companies Lose on $189 Windows

Windows take a lot of time, money, and resources to produce. From purchasing the raw materials to paying workers to assemble the custom manufactured window, the money has to come from somewhere. The glass, framing, locks, weather-stripping, reinforcements for strength, and everything else that goes into a quality window certainly costs more than $189 to produce. Not to mention the money it costs to ship the window from the factory to your home, remove the old window, and install the new window – plus insulation and trimmings. The average homeowner pays between $450 and $600 for new quality vinyl windows. There are additional custom options that can take that price even higher.

A company loses big when it sells windows at such a low price. While it may not matter if a company loses money on a sale, you may care when this loss translates into poor customer service. When you call a company that advertises the $189 window, odds are the salesperson will try hard to convince you to purchase a different window or package. The $189 window sale acts as bait to get customers to call the company. When customers take the bait, the employees are trained to push them in a different direction, toward a more costly window.

If the salesperson can’t convince the customer to purchase a more expensive window, you can bet he or she won’t be happy. Now the company has to cover the loss of a cheap window and installation. After losing out, you can’t expect the company to provide decent service or a quality professional to install your window. You’re paying next to nothing for the new window, so when you have issues later with your purchase, the company probably won’t offer help.

What the Salespeople Don’t Tell You

The salespeople at the $189 window companies know what they’re selling is more or less a lie. While it’s not technically a myth, the $189 window is not something any window company wants to sell. Companies that base their entire business plan on selling the cheapest window in the business are not high quality. For such an important piece of your home, you deserve to work with the best window company in Columbus, OH that prides itself on superior window installation.

What the salespeople of the $189 window companies don’t want customers to know is everything that’s missing with this “deal.” A window is one of the most complicated components of a building. Appearance and quality matter – you need to see clearly through the glass, it must open and close smoothly, and keep the indoor and outdoor climates separate. An energy efficient window can save you hundreds of dollars in electricity costs.

The $189 window is missing the quality and craftsmanship of a reasonably priced window. The company is already losing money, and it’s not going to go the extra mile to ensure a superior installation. It won’t offer the customer glass breakage coverage, no-cost repairs if the window ever fails, high-quality custom cuts, or a variety of styles and materials to choose from. With prices so low, you get what you pay for – a poor experience.

Buy the Windows Your Home DeservesChoose Able Roofing for Window Replacement in Columbus, OH

New windows can distinguish your home from the rest on the block when installed professionally. They can also protect your home and family from the elements, cut costs on energy bills and make your home more comfortable. A $189 window may not accomplish any of these things, and it may even lower the value of your home. You might pay $189, but think about what a cheap window is really costing you – energy efficiency, quality assurance, and peace of mind.

Both the interior and exterior of a window need to be pristine in the finished product. Glass size matters, as do the windowpanes and materials used. The window style you choose can improve your home’s appeal and give it a unique personality. Installing $189 windows expresses that you don’t care about the quality of your home, and that you don’t need adequate protection from the elements. Instead of going the cheapest route, go the best route.