What type of siding can Able Roofing install

As expert siding contractors, we install a variety of siding possibilities. Our options range from vinyl, composite, and cement, to solid core. Each siding style has its own characteristics; and our design pro can show you the differences during your free estimate to help you decide which type of siding is best for you. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing that Able Roofing is a factory-certified vinyl siding installer.

What is vinyl siding

As the most popular siding material in the United States, vinyl siding is more than just plastic. Formulas and coloring have advanced, and vinyl siding simulates painted wood siding – except it will not rot or need to be painted.

What is solid core siding

Solid core siding is similar to vinyl siding. However, solid core siding is greatly enhanced with a solid insulated backer – which gives it more rigidity, positive insulating factors, and a wider exposure. Able Roofing is a factory-certified solid core installer.

What is fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding is a thin plank. This type of siding is textured to simulate wood. The plank is actually made of a cementous material with a reinforcement mesh for strength. Once painted, fiber cement siding simulates painted wood siding.

What is composite siding

Composite siding is similar to synthetic wood planks. This type of siding is becoming popular for outdoor decks. Composite siding simulates wood. It will not rot and does not need to be painted. And we should mention that Able Roofing is a factory-certified composite siding installer.

Does siding require painting

Vinyl siding, composite siding, and solid core siding DO NOT require painting. In fact, these types of siding are designed to never need painting. Fiber cement siding, however, requires painting initially, as well as paint maintenance throughout its life.

How much does new typically siding cost

There are many factors that determine the final cost of our siding projects; however, they typically start at $2,500. Able Roofing shares our open book pricing with you, to eliminate any mystery in our pricing guidelines. Upon your free inspection, we will be up front about our pricing and can provide you with a free estimate on the spot. (With siding financing, though, our monthly payments typically start at $49 for new siding installation.)

How long has Able Roofing been in business in Central Ohio

Since the early 1980s, Able Roofing has been helping homeowners turn their houses into homes, enabling multi-family property owners keep their tenants safe, and commercial and industrial clients keep their buildings up to date). To date, we have served over 200,000 satisfied customers.

Is there any way to make my entire home maintenance free

As a professional siding contractor, that we come to your home with the ability to eliminate all wood surfaces requiring painting. Wood surfaces can be wrapped with custom-shaped aluminum, or replaced with no-maintenance-required trim products. Able Roofing can also provide options and pricing for you through one of our expert estimators. We use open book pricing—there is never any mystery to our price guidelines and we are happy to share them with you.

Can siding lower my home’s utility bills

There are a number of ways that siding can help to lower your home’s utility bills. One way to achieve this is to have our siding professional blow insulation into your walls prior to siding installation. Additionally, or separately, a rigid insulation board can be installed prior to siding installation. Another option for homeowners is solid core siding. This can automatically raise the “R-factor,” or insulating value, of your home. And finally, an exterior wrap, such as Tyvek, may be installed in your home, which can raise the efficiency of your walls. We are happy to provide you with options, cost estimates, and insulating values.

What is Able Roofing’s siding warranty

When you purchase our premium siding products, we stand behind it for as long as you live in your home with a lifetime warranty. That means if it fails, you’re covered with Able Roofing!

How long can new siding last

All Able Roofing siding products are designed to last a lifetime.

Is maintenance required on siding

No. Typically, there is no maintenance involved with any of the siding products we offer. However, fiber cement will require painting throughout the years of its life. Able Roofing can provide approximate life cycle pricing to help you make an intelligent decision.

How durable is new siding after installation

Vinyl siding is very durable. However, in rare cases, it can crack (for example, if it is hit with large hail stones or a baseball bat, etc.) Solid core, composite, and fiber cement, however, are very durable and typically stand strong against Mother Nature and any other abuse.

When is the best time to install new siding

Able Roofing can install new siding during any time of the year. In fact, there is no “best time” to install new siding.

If someone gets hurt on my property during siding installation, is there a possibility that I can be sued

Yes. That is why it is extremely important to hire a reputable siding company with proper insurance. Able Roofing carries all necessary insurance and bonding to protect you. And we can provide proof of this prior to beginning any job.

If the siding company doesn’t pay for the material bill, can I become liable

Yes. You have to trust that the siding company will pay the material bill; quite often, this is not paid for until well after you have paid for the work. A supplier may be able to encumber your property by placing a mechanics lien against the title. We do not want you to have to deal with that nightmare. Able Roofing will provide you with proof that you are safe from that situation.

Can my plants and lawn become damaged

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Able Roofing takes pride in ensuring that we leave your property exactly as it was when we arrived – particularly when it comes to protecting your plants and shrubs. Before we begin any work, we put tarps down in your yard; and afterwards, we run an industrial magnet roller throughout your yard as part of the clean-up process, to assure no hidden rusty nails are left behind.

Does Able Roofing handle insurance claims

Yes. We have relationships with all of the major insurance carriers. We are more than willing to negotiate on your behalf – we always have your best interest in mind.

Will you recycle used materials

Absolutely! Able Roofing is a trailblazer in the industry when it comes to recycling. Wherever possible, materials that are removed from your home can actually be shredded and used as roadbed material.

Do I need to be home while your contractors work on my siding

Nope! All of our work is done on the exterior of your home. This means that you would not have to be home because we would not need to come inside.

Which should be installed first… new windows or new siding

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The order of the installation process does not matter one bit. However, it does make a lot of sense to install both windows and siding together. Lucky for you, our contractors can provide you with plenty of options to get the job done. We are happy to provide you with an estimate and our professional opinion on moving forward with your home’s renovations (and, of course, our estimates—and opinions—are always free).

Is it advisable to install new gutters before installing new siding

It all depends upon the materials in which you choose. If you intend to make your soffit and fascia board (the board behind your gutter and the overhang) maintenance free, then yes! Otherwise, the order will not matter. Our contractors are happy to provide you with all of the options that Able Roofing has available. And since our pricing is open book, you will have everything that you need to make a decision in which you are comfortable with.

I have stucco on my home; can siding still be installed

Yes. At Able Roofing, our siding contractors can install new siding over your old stucco.

Does Able Roofing offer vertical siding

Yes. In fact, many of Able Roofing’s siding installations are in a vertical profile.

How long will new siding installation take

At Able Roofing, we always consider the size of the job before determining the team in which we assign. Our goal is to ensure that you get a quality job that is done quickly and efficiently. That being said, a typical installation should not take more than a few days.

What will happen if it rains during the siding installation process

Our team is sure to take all necessary precautions, and full responsibility, protecting your home from rain and inclement weather.

Does Able Roofing accept credit cards

Yes. Able Roofing accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Additionally, we offer a number of financing options to choose from, as well.

Does Able Roofing offer siding financing

Yes. Able Roofing offers a wide variety of siding financing options to assist homeowners with the cost of our services. We offer quick credit decisions and special financing options with approved credit. (We also offer financing options for our other services, such as roofing, windows, exterior doors, gutters, and insulation.)

What if I have a question that is not answered on this page

Give us a call, stop by, or send us a message using our “Contact Us” web form. We’re always happy to hear from prospects and customers!