How can I tell if my home needs a new roof?

For a homeowner, knowing when you need a new roof is essential to avoid disaster. There are three important factors to consider: age, appearance, and leaks. You’ll want to keep in mind that typical shingle roofs can last approximately 12-20 years, depending on certain factors. Regular inspections of your roof will help you catch physical damages (such as broken shingles or loss in granule surfacing) and determine when to replace your roof.

Note: Able Roofing will send one of our qualified roofers, at no charge to you, to inspect your roof and offer an honest opinion on the condition of your roof. There is never any obligation to buy during this inspection.

Will the Able Roofing “for as long as you live in your home” warranty apply to both materials and labor?

Of course! We make it. We install it. We take 100% accountability. We stand behind our premium roofing products – this means if anything fails, we’ve got you covered.

Can Able Roofing truly install my new roof within one day?

Yes! As professional and highly qualified roofing contractors, we can install your new roof within one day. This includes the tear off of your old roof, haul, new roof installation, and 100% of the clean up. And with Able Roofing, efficiency is what makes us so effective. We will never compromise speed for quality – we’ve just perfected our system!

How long has Able Roofing been in business?

We have satisfied over 250,000 customers (and counting!) in Columbus Ohio and the surrounding areas since 1986.

What is the cost of a new roof?

With our roof financing options, monthly payments typically start at $69 for new roofing systems. At Able Roofing, we offer open book pricing. When you receive your free inspection, we will always be up front about our prices, and can provide you with a free estimate on the spot.

Do you offer different roofing styles and color schemes?

Of course! As professional roofing contractors, we are experts at helping homeowners choose aesthetically pleasing roofing styles. We can provide you with a wide array of options; and our estimators can provide samples for you to view during your free estimate visit.

Is there an ideal time to install a new roof?

We install roofs year round. There is no difference in the quality of installation or life of your roof based on the timing of our installation.

Do you offer roof installation services year-round?

Certainly! In fact, in some years, we have installed more roofs during the winter than the summer.

Does roof installation during the wintertime compromise quality?

We use custom shingles that are designed for installation year-round. Wintertime installation is actually complemented by a rubberized component of the shingle. So, regardless of the time of year, you’ll receive the same quality service and product.

When is the best time to replace attic ventilation?

A major indicator of the longevity of your roof is attic ventilation. The best time to repair or upgrade the correct balance of air flow/ventilation in your attic is when you install a new roof. As part of our free inspection, Able Roofing can inspect your attic in order to provide you with the best recommendation.

During installation, do you use staples or nails?

Although it is cheaper to use staples to install shingles, we believe in quality work that outlasts the competition. Able Roofing only uses treated nails made specifically for roofing purposes.

What could cause stains on my roof?

Roofing stains are commonly the cause of algae build up. This growth is typically predominant on the North and East-facing slopes, as there is less sun exposure there. Able Roofing has shingles are treated to resist this algae build up.

Can you explain what an ice dam is?

An ice dam can be the result of an attic with poor ventilation. When this happens, your roof tends to build up with ice. Every roof we install is designed to eliminate interior leaks that can be caused by ice dams.

Does Able Roofing utilize Ice Guard?

Absolutely! But when it comes to ice dam leakage, we don’t stop there. Every single one of our newly installed roofs includes an underlayment, which will protect the entire roof from leakage caused by ice build up.

Will a leak in my roof cause long-term damage?

A leaking roof will not only cause damage to your roofing system, but also to your home. If you notice leaks in your roof, you should have it inspected right away to avoid the growth of mold.
Note: At Able Roofing, all inspections are free of charge, with zero obligation.

Is there a possibility that I could be sued if someone gets hurt on my property during a roofing job?

In any contracting job, there is always that possibility. This is why it is so important for homeowners to opt for roofing companies with proper insurance. At Able Roofing, we carry all necessary insurance and bonding to keep you protected.

If my roofing contractor fails to pay the material bill, am I responsible?

Yes. The homeowner must trust the roofer to pay the material bill. Since this is often taken care of after you pay the roofer, the supplier may be able to encumber your property. At Able Roofing, we always provide proof of payment to ensure that you are safe from that financial disaster.

What happens if there is rain during my installation?

When Able Roofing installs your roof, we do it one day. This virtually eliminates the chance of rain affecting your installation (if there is rain in the forecast for that day, we will hold off).

Is there a chance that my landscaping can get damaged during installation?

As professional roofing contractors, we work diligently to protect your yard during installation. We always use tarps; and when our job is complete, we run an industrial magnet roller through your yard as part of our clean up process.

Can Able Roofing help with insurance claims?

Yes. Our company has relationships with all of the major insurance carriers. We can always negotiate on your behalf during claims, with your best interest in mind.

How can hail damage a roof?

When there is hail, it knocks the protective granules off of the shingles on your roof. This exposes the mat beneath to sunlight, which causes erosion of the shingles. Fortunately, hail damage to your roof is typically covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Note: At Able Roofing, we will always be willing to send a roofing inspector to your home to survey hail damage on your roof, free of charge.

Will my homeowners insurance policy cover the cost of a new roof in the event of hail damage?

Yes. However, hail damage is subjective so there may be differing opinions about the extent and cost of the damage. Able Roofing is always willing to help with your claims to be sure that you get the most out of your insurance.

My insurance company turned down my claim for hail damage; now what?

We can send a roofing inspector to your home, free of charge, to survey the damage to your roof and give you an honest opinion and estimate. There is never any obligation to buy during our estimating process.

Do missing shingles mean that I will eventually have leaks in my roof?

Yes. If you noticed damaged or missing shingles, you should always repair them right away to avoid further damage.

Is it true that a new roof can lower utility bills?

A new roof will not necessarily lower your utility bills, but a properly designed roof and ventilation system can. It will remove summer heat and winter humidity from your attic spaces, which will, in turn, lower your utility bills. Upon your request, Able Roofing can also inspect and provide an estimate for your attic ventilation installation.

Do I need to be home during the roof installation job?

Not at all. As professional roofing contractors, we will not need to enter your home at any time; therefore, you do not need to be home during the job.

Do you recycle?

Definitely! In fact, we are the pioneers in shingle recycling. When we remove shingles from your roof, they are ground up and recycled for roadbed material.

Can Able Roofing install flat roofs?

As highly qualified roofing contractors, we can handle a wide variety of flat roofing applications. We also provide roof installation services on commercial buildings.

Does Able Roofing do commercial work?

Yes. Actually, 50% of our work is for commercial clients.
My roof is 15 years old and failing. Why did it last only 15 years?

With the average roofing company, their 20-year rated shingle will only last 12 to 14 years; and their 30-year shingle will only last 14 to 17 years. Unfortunately, the materials that go into making shingles today are made with more filler, which can impact their lifetime. However, when you choose Able Roofing, your roof is always guaranteed for as long as you live in your home. Our shingles are made without byproducts and can last a lifetime – we guarantee it.

Do you handle roofing repairs, too?

Yes. Able Roofing can repair all kinds of roofing systems, including shingle, slate, tile, metal, and flat roofs.

Will Able Roofing provide a warranty on repairs?

All of our work comes with a written warranty, regardless of the type of work.
Is there a difference between the roofer’s warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty?

YES! With the average roofing company, if the shingles fail, you may get new shingles on a pro-rated basis – only if you can prove it was the material and not the roofer. And if their labor fails, you might get free labor – providing the company is still in business. But either way, you can get stuck with the bill with a roofer’s warranty. At Able Roofing, there is no gap in the coverage of our premium products. We stand behind your roof 100%, for as long as you live in your home.

Does Able Roofing offer financing?

Yes. We offer a wide array of roof financing options with approved credit. We also offer financing for our other services, such as siding, windows, exterior doors, masonry, gutters, and insulation.

Are credit cards accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

What if I have a question that is not listed on this page?

That’s no problem; just give us a call. We’re always here to help!