Multi-Family Construction

“Able Roofing devotes more than 50% of its work to multi-family construction and commercial roofing clients.”

Since 1986, Able Roofing has been in the business of protecting homes and buildings for residential and commercial property owners throughout Central Ohio—especially in the greater Columbus Ohio area. And, when it comes to multi-family construction, we have the understanding and knowledge to take care of your various building needs. As a multi-family dwelling owner, your top priorities are to satisfy your tenants and maintain your investment. Our priorities are you and your property.

Installation & Repairs for All of Your Needs

Whether you are looking for work done to a condominium, apartment building/complex, townhouses, or row houses, we have the solutions. That’s because we are one of the largest roofing, gutters, windows and doors, and siding companies in the Central Ohio region. When it comes to multi-family construction, if you need it, we can take care of it for you. Whether it’s a one-man job, or you need a crew of 200+, we can handle all of your needs – with ease, speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Take a look at all that we can offer you:

Shingle Roofing

As expert roofing contractors, Able Roofing is certified to install most shingle manufacturer’s systems. And we can repair or replace your entire shingle roofing system.

We can complete a project within one day – even entire apartment buildings

We install many specialty products related to shingle roofing, including wood shake and shingle, copper, slate, and metal.

Flat Roofs

When you need the job done right, you can count on us. Able Roofing is qualified to handle all of the following types of flat roofing:

Rubber- Typically black in color, EPDM rubber is a very reliable roofing material. It won’t hurt your wallet and it lasts a long time (even a lifetime). It is a top choice among our customers!

TPO- This type of roofing is very economical to install and uses a single-ply membrane. The white thermoplastic membrane features heat-welded seams for the ultimate protection from leaks.

Equalizer Roofing System

An Able Roofing specialty is our Equalizer Roofing System – a cost-effective solution that is becoming extremely popular amongst our customers. This patented system is proven to last. And wait… there’s more:

It’s a vented roof system – This allows for the Equalizer roof to be installed over an existing flat roof, no matter the condition.

It saves the building owner from all of the issues—including cost, clean-up, noise, and risk—related to the total replacement of an existing roof.

It’s available in a seamless membrane system – no seams, no leaks.

It’s perfect for large roofs, which means that no job is too big.

And, to top it off, Equalizer is a “green” roofing system – it’s good for everyone and the environment, too!


Why stop at roofing? Able Roofing is also certified to install siding for your buildings. We offer options for vinyl siding, cement board siding, wood siding and even soffit and fascia wrap. And, just like our multi-family roofing options, we offer a free estimate and inspection for your siding needs.

The Extras

Maintenance does not stop at roofing or siding; and we understand that. This is why Able Roofing offers you the total package. In addition to satisfying your roofing and siding needs, we can also offer you repairs and installation services for:

  • Gutters and Gutter Covers: We offer a solution for all of your gutter needs.
  • Windows and Doors: We use extra strength glass, steel reinforcement sashes, and heavy duty screen frames for a “resident proof” investment—along with that added security you are looking for.
  • Painting: Professional painting services; and we also offer carpentry repair.
  • Masonry: Including caulking, waterproofing, and insulation.

Over 200,000 satisfied customers can attest to our commitment to quality and excellence. With open book pricing, we have no secrets. And with the best warranty in the business, our responsibility to protect you and your property goes beyond installation – it lasts for as long as you own your property!

CONTACT US TODAY by submitting a request for a Free Estimate or Inspection, or call us at the phone number listed above. See for yourself the difference that our multi-family construction experts can make for your property!