Home Improvement

Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together is a non-profit organization that brings together volunteers to positively impact the community. Their goal is to “improve homes, inspire neighbors, and unite communities.” They choose local families who are truly in need of some extra help and then bring together the right people to get the job done. Here at Able Roof, there is nothing more important to us …

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Modernize Your Home With Exterior Upgrades

The phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” typically does not apply to houses. Often, the exterior of a home is an accurate portrayal of its structural integrity. Stained siding, a dilapidated roof, and outdated windows are all signs of a home with potential problems. Exterior upgrades not only boost curb appeal and the …

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Fall Home Improvement Projects That Add Value

During the dog days of summer, just looking out the window is enough to make you sweat. Fall is another matter altogether. Crisp mornings melt into mild days full of autumn color and breezy sunshine. Suddenly you’re motivated to do all the things you’ve been meaning to do for months. Whether you’re getting your home …

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The Impact of Sustainability in the Roofing Industry

In the last few decades, we’ve witnessed the rise of sustainable living. Innovations such as solar panels and energy-efficient windows have become part of the mainstream, allowing homeowners to reduce their carbon footprints and help the environment. The roofing industry has undergone significant changes in light of the push toward sustainability. From recyclable materials to …

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Get Inspiration by Taking a Stroll Around Your Neighborhood

Next time you walk the dog or take a leisurely neighborhood stroll, pay attention to the other houses in your community. Do certain siding colors catch your eye? Did a house down the street just get a beautiful new asphalt roof? Are your next-door neighbor’s windows looking particularly attractive? Admiring other homes in your neighborhood …

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We’re taking precautionary measures

As a business providing construction, we fall under the category of an essential business, and will remain open to provide you with the basic human need of shelter during the crisis. Our goal is to create a safe working environment for you, your family, and our employees, and we want to make you aware of the precautions we are taking in light of this pandemic.
  • Utilizing recommended sanitation practices during appointments.
  • Maintaining recommended distances from others.
  • Avoiding handshakes, even if we are happy to see you.
  • Estimates and installations done with little to no personal contact.

If you or a close contact have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 or are currently quarantined, it’s important to let us know before we arrive.

Your Information will never be shared with any third party